10 ways DevOps can help your organization

DevOps is not a process or a tool, but it is number of processes in the software development life cycle that helps both the developers as well as the operations to work together in a more collaborative environment.


Here are ways DevOps will help in building better product and a team.

1. Improved quality of software deployment and high quality bug free products

DevOps has all capabilities built into the teams. It enables in building bite size features so that everyone can focus on one thing at a time, testing all possibility of business requirements. Every effort is made to automate the processes. Automation is built on not only for the testing mechanism but can go even up to provisioning the servers. Even server templates are automated and updated early so each test are done end to end. Thus helping in improved quality of product as well as the product deployment.

2. Enable more Innovation

If you are passionate about your customers, you will prefer to hear direct feedback as well as act upon those feedback to help them. This could be as simple as an A/B testing. Having an agile team it helps to deliver short features with innovation in mind. Having a short feedback cycle, DevOps process helps in reaching out to customers faster. This process helps the delivery team to understand how they are using the application. This opens up opportunity to continuously innovate that benefits the customer.

3. Breaking the siloes and Improves collaboration

Often the delivery team members has multiple skills. They prefer to work hard on their own for the success of the projects. This introduces a lot of process as well as communication challenges. DevOps, enables the teams to work together with a common goal reducing unnecessary processes as well as breaking the siloes.

4. Reducing conflict between developer and operation team

As development and Operation team members work together in one delivery team, DevOps increases collaboration and reduces conflict. All are focused on only one thing that is quality software product.

5. Reducing wasteful processes

As mentioned in #4 earlier, there are many processes that is created enable better communication either within the team members or across the teams. Have a automated process in DevOps reduces many such manual tasks and hence reduces wasteful processes.

6. More frequent software releases

In DevOps process teams are empowered to make decision faster. That also enables teams to deliver software and solutions faster.

7. Improved visibility into IT process and requirements

Since all teams work co-located with a common goal, all processes are clearly visible to the team members. Self-organizing teams define process that is most effective for the team. They work closely to understand the requirements and deliver best value to the business.

8. Cultural change collaboration / cooperation

DevOps helps in increasing collaboration with in the teams. Teams working closely together increase their trust and cooperation to achieve success.

9. More responses to business needs

Faster delivery and high quality of products has been instrumental in providing more value to business needs. Stakes holders have been able to work closely to deliver customers requested faster.

10. Continuous delivery

With increased automation DevOps is key to have a continuous delivery process. Most bugs and errors are found earlier in the process due to automation. DevOps has also cut down the quality assurance cycle through its automated test processes.

These are just a few ways to transform to a better technology service organization of any size.

More inputs are welcome as a comment about how has DevOps helped your organization.Photo Credit: Pale Blue Ten” by Caroline on Flickr / CC

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