Why Windows phone will soon be #1

I recently changed my phone to an Android device after using Windows OS for 10+ years (starting from Pocket PC). I felt very good about it, only because I can now use a wide range of apps that will help my day-to-day life. However, I started missing the cool user experience of Windows Phone OS.

All right, UX on Windows phone? This statement may call for good debate for many passionate Android and iOS users. Some BlackBerry users also expressed their opinion about missing the hard keyboard.

Lets see what you think now. You may use this link to express your opinion in small 4 questions survey. (I will publish the result when I have at least 100 resposes)


Personally I have used and also developed applications for all three major phone OS platforms. My experience with Widows has been the best so far.

I felt between a rock and a hard place while using my new Android device. I wish there were more apps that I can use on windows phone that I can use at day-to-day basis.

I decided to send my thoughts across Satya Nadella, who in my opinion is on the right track to build the modern Microsoft. My thought was, what if we can merge the power of Windows with the app store on Google Play and Apple App Store with Windows Phone App Store? This is an awesome combination for success. There are many cross platforms development environments available today. Such as Xamarin, Cocos-2d, Phone Gap, Sencha, Appcelerator Titanium, Unity 3d, and the options are endless. All these tools help in building an app targeting cross platform. On the same lines, Xamarin may help in converting your existing Windows Phone app code base to Android or iOS, but non of them support converting and Android or iOS code base to Windows.

I think it will make a lot of sense if the developer of objective-C and Android are empowered to compile the same code base to Windows Platform. This way the developers can choose to reuse their years worth of effort to make it available Windows platform.

While I was still busy getting little more details on the HOW part, so that it makes sense when I talk about building XCode on Windows, I was excited to hear that during Build 2015, Terry Myerson of Microsoft previewed development platform to port Android and iOS to Windows 10. This is a huge leap that will fill the missing gap with cross platform and universal app on Windows 10 platform

Here is some news article about the announcement



Here is the video of the announcement. You can also view this video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/RfzVIwVsesI

With launch of Windows 10 and commitment to 1 billion devices running Windows OS, Win Phone is on track to be the #1 for soon being to be most wanted device.

A weirdest thought: What if Windows Phone platform is made open source? If this really happens will it give tough challenge to Android?

I will look forward for your thoughts and comments.

I appreciate your input on this 4 questions survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/383WFF6


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